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Glynn Academy
1001 Mansfield Street
Brunswick, GA 31520
Principal: Dr. Scott Spence
fax 912-267-4246
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AP Microeconomics

AP Microeconomics

Course Syllabus

             This is a year-long course in AP Microeconomics.  The topics covered in Chapters 1-22 of the text, Principles of Economics, 5th edition, will provide you with the necessary tools to be successful on the national exam given in May*.   There will be review sessions given in April.   If you choose to take both, the micro and macro exams, the macro portion of your text includes chapters 1-9 and 23-36.  There are also many review books available with practice hints and tests as well as the AP Central website through the College Board at

             In addition to your text assignments, you will read a novel, write a short paper, and complete 10 annotated bibliographies ( 2 per month), on material read outside of class that pertain to economic issues or economists.  Separate handouts will follow explaining proper format and content for the annotations and paper. 

             Please remember this is a college course and as such, expectations are higher.  Reading is to be completed outside of class and ahead of time so you can participate in class discussions.

The Grading Scale for this class is as follows:

             90 – 100         A

             80  -   89         B

             70 –   79         C

             60 –   69         F    

This class is a Georgia Milestones EOC course and you will take an EOCT which will count 20% of your grade. The remaining 80% of your grade will consist of quizzes, tests, projects, and assignments that are all equally weighted.


All students will have access to this class via  Assignments can be submitted on-line and you can e-mail me through the school e-mail if you need to contact me outside of school. I will not respond to e-mail sent after 10 PM until the following day. 

* Although not required to, students will be strongly encouraged to take the National Exam given on May 13, 2016.  During the month of April study sessions will be offered to prepare for the exam.  Students are encouraged to purchase one of the various exam prep books available.


My class schedule is as follows:  

1st Block:       Skinny 1        AP World History

                      Skinny 2        AP World History       

2nd Block:       Skinny 1        AP European History

                      Skinny 2        AP Microeconomics

3rd Block:        Skinny 1        AP World History

                       B Lunch

                       Skinny 3        AP European History

4th Block:       Skinny 1        AP World History

                       Skinny 2       Planning

My office hours are:  7:30 AM - 8:15 AM daily or by appointment after school.


Late work will not be accepted.  Students have until the day they return to school from an absence to turn in any missed work.  Any test or quiz missed due to an absence must be made up before school within one week of the absence.  Failure to do so will result in a grade of zero.  Extra credit is NOT an option.

At the beginning of every unit an outline with objectives, assignments, and assessments will be distributed in class and posted on my calendar on this website..  All work is expected to be completed in a timely manner and a calendar of due dates will be posted in the classroom as well as the calendar.

All students will need a notebook with paper, pencils, blue or black pen, 3x5 white index cards, and colored pencils.

I cannot stress enough the importance of attendance, preparation, and participation.  You must be in class on time, ready to work, and actively engaged in your learning in order to be successful.

I look forward to a productive, successful, and exciting school year.


Mrs. Marion Cherne
Glynn County Schools
Glynn Academy
1001 Mansfield Street
Brunswick, GA 31520