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Gifted Education » WordMasters' Challenge

WordMasters' Challenge

WordMasters Challenge Welcome Letter

Dear Parents,

Once again our third, fourth, and fifth grade students will be participating and competing in the WordMasters Challenge."The WordMasters Challenge is a national competition for students in grades 3-8 which encourages growth in vocabulary and verbal reasoning. Over 250,000 students, representing 4,200 school teams from 50 states, participated last year. Unlike other language arts contests, which emphasize punctuation and grammar, this competition addresses word comprehension and logical abilities such as those measured for high school students by the SAT II English exam and AP English exam. Preparing for the Challenge helps students learn to think both analytically and metaphorically."

At each grade level, students will be given a word list prior to each of their grade level meets to master. Students will investigate relationships and connections among the words and all of their meanings. In addition to enriching vocabulary, students will be learning valuable critical thinking skills. The contest consists of three 20-minute analogy-solving meets, which will be held in the students’ classrooms. On the day of the “meet” students will work independently on a set of 20 analogies sent from WordMasters Challenge which will incorporate their word lists. This year the meets will be held on the following days:


Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5


Thurs., Dec. 8

Tuesday, Dec. 6

Tuesday, Dec. 6


Thurs., Feb. 16

Tuesday, Feb. 14

Tuesday, Feb. 14


Thurs., April 26

Tuesday, May 1

Tuesday, May 1

Students have been given their first list of 25 challenging vocabulary words. The word lists are also posted on the school webpage. These words will make frequent appearances in the analogies in their upcoming meet. Excellence in the meet will require both a mastery of the meanings of the new words as well as thoughtful reasoning about the relationships between these words expressed in the contest’s analogies.

Prior to each meet, students will work with the new word lists through a variety of activities. They will use dictionaries and online sources to explore the meanings of the words, the part(s) of speech for each, and other forms of the words. In addition, they will actively work on mastery of the words with games and activities in order for students to learn to use the vocabulary. Students will be practicing with analogies using “Demonstration Analogies” and participating in activities to help them understand the different kinds of logical relationships which analogies are based on.

We strongly encourage students to practice with the vocabulary list words and analogies at home. The key to success and scoring well on the meets is dependent on the effort and time students devote to preparing for the meets. There are numerous sites available for skill building with vocabulary and analogies on our school webpage.

Oglethorpe Point students have participated in the WordMasters Challenge for the past three years, and several Oglethorpe Point students have been recognized for outstanding performance. We will also award and recognize our TOP TEN scorers for each grade level on both the BLUE and GOLD Teams with medals at the end of the year. We encourage families to get involved in preparing for the “meets” and hope you will share your ideas and strategies with us. We know our students will benefit greatly from this endeavor.

The Explorers and Gifted Teachers


Wordmasters Gold Set 3 - Thank you Annika



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