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Anatomy and Physiology
Anatomy and Physiology

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Hon. Biology 2014-15
Hon. Biology 2014-15

Advanced Placement Biology
Advanced Placement Biology

Glynn Academy
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Principal: Dr. Scott Spence
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AP Biology » AP Biology 1st semester test review

AP Biology 1st semester test review

AP Biology Test Review for 1st semester- The exam will cover the major ideas from each chapter and will not be more than 80 multiple choice questions- The overview exam will count as a test grade and will take place January 13th.


The Exam will cover the following 1st semester topics-

Chapter 1- Introduction to Life

Chapter 3- Water and the fitness of the environment


Chapter 6 Cell biology

Chapter 7 Membrane structure and function

Chapter 11 Cell Communication- cell signaling

Chapter 51 – Animal Behavior

Ch 52-ch 56- Ecology

Chapter 26- Phylogeny and the tree of life- Classification

Ch 27- Bacteria

Chapter 28- Protists

Chapter 29 Plant Diversity

Chapter 30- Evolution of seed plants

Ch 35- Plant Structure and Growth

Ch 36- Plant Transport

Ch 37 Plant nutrition

Ch 38 – Angiosperm reproduction

Ch 39- Plant responses to stimuli (hormones)

ANIMALS- Ch 32 Introduction to animal diversity

Ch 33- Invertebrates

Ch 34 Vertebrates

Mrs. McKeon
Glynn County Schools
Glynn Academy
1001 Mansfield Street
Brunswick Georgia 31520

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