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Collaborative and Resource Teachers

Our school is committed to meeting the needs of all of its students, and that includes students with special needs. Special education teachers at Greer help students learn and succeed.

The Collaborative/Resource team consists of both teachers and paraprofessionals. In addition, services for Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Hearing Impairments, Vision Impairments, and Adaptive PE are offered by district-assigned staff once students are identified. The ACCESS team consists of one teacher and three paraprofessionals. The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program includes a lead teacher as four certified interpreters.

Our students are taught in the least restrictive environment. Many of our children with special needs receive services through a collaborative model. This allows them to receive support in the regular education setting as the Special Education teacher co-teaches with the regular education teacher. The presence of two teachers in the classroom allows for smaller group instruction and greater levels of expertise and abilities to differentiate learning for ALL students in the classroom.

In additional to the collaborative model, some students benefit from additional resource services in a separate classroom. This placement allows for differentiation and adapted instruction to meet the individual student's needs.

ACCESS Classroom

C.B. Greer also has an ACCESS classroom for students with moderate levels of disability. This classroom follows Georgia Performance Standards but allows for progress to be monitored through a portfolio assessment, the Georgia Alternative Assessment. The classroom is more functionally based and provides the student increased opportunities for hands-on learning activities.


C.B. Greer provides a sensory room designed for students with multi-sensory needs. Children with autism, emotional/behavior disorders, attention deficits, or neurological impairments, for example, often interpret various sensory information differently. Hearing, vision, smell, or tactile senses can be hyper or hyposensitive.

The Sensory Room allows students with these needs a tranquil setting in which to experiment with different sensory "stations," while encouraging communication and helping calm if senses become overloaded in their primary education setting. Our Sensory Room offers an underwater mural and theme, including auditory, visual, tactile, kinesthetic, and proprioceptive opportunities.

Speech and Language Pathology

Our Speech and Language Pathologists (SLP), Mrs. Lauren Collier and Mrs. Amanda Goodman, are involved in the Response to Intervention System to help teachers identify students with speech and language concerns.

Research shows that children with phonological awareness or speech delays have greater difficulty discriminating between sounds and acquiring emerging reading skills. The goal of the speech RtI program is to identify those students who may benefit from more specialized interventions.

Staff for 2015-16

Mrs. Lauren Collier, Speech and Language Pathologist, website, room 603, ext. 3954
Mrs. Amanda Goodman, Speech and Language Pathologist, room 504, ext. 3948 
Ms. Salena Breitenbach, teacher, website, room 406, ext. 3916 
Ms. Samantha Crum, teacher and team leader, website, room 101, ext. 3929
Ms. Heidi Hood, teacher, room 515, website, ext. 3935 
Ms. Hannah Spence, teacher (ACCESS program), website, room  210, ext. 3910
Mrs. Tonya Smith, teacher, room 504, website, ext. 3948
Mrs. Robin Parmelee, Teacher for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, room 407, , ext.
Mr. Jack McHargue, Interpreter, Deaf and H / H
Ms. Casey Rozier, Interpreter, Deaf and H / H
Ms. Casey Flick, Interpreter, Deaf and H / H
Ms. Paula Self, Interpreter, Deaf and H / H 
Ms. Adrianna Gonzalez, paraprofessional
Ms. Jennifer Sapp, paraprofessional
Ms. Tania Gilbert, paraprofessional
Ms. Erica Harris, paraprofessional (ACCESS)
Ms. Rachel Latham, paraprofessional (ACCESS)
Ms. Andrea Morris, paraprofessional (ACCESS)
Ms. Allison Ross, Physical Therapist
Ms. Angela Park, Adaptive Physical Education
Ms. Glynda Savage, Occupational Therapist

It is the policy of the Glynn County School System not to discriminate on the basis of age, sex, race, color, religion, national origin, marital status, disability or any other legally protected status in its educational programs, activities or employment practices.

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