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Classroom Library Setup

Goodyear Elementary School

Classroom Libraries


This page is designed to help Goodyear Elementary Teachers set up their classroom libraries.












First, some information about classroom libraries from Scholastic

Below, links to documents to print out to label book buckets and books


Classroom Library Labels

Classroom Library Genre Posters


Best Practices: Teaching with

Classroom Libraries


Research shows that having a wide range of quality books in the classroom contributes to students' reading success. The following "4 Steps to Creating Your Own Classroom Library" will help you get started with planning, organizing, and sustaining your collection.


4 Steps to Creating Your Own Classroom Library


1. Understand How Classroom Libraries Work: Research & Results.

·         Children learning to read need access to meaningful and personally interesting books.

·         Effective teachers of reading incorporate diverse trade books into their reading curriculum, introducing their students to the wide range of genres, authors, and topics.

·         While the best predictor of reading success is the amount of time spent reading, reading achievement is also influenced by the frequency, amount, and diversity of reading activities.

·         By providing access to a rich classroom library, teachers promote greater amounts of reading, increased reading frequency, and more diverse reading experiences among their students, thus helping them to attain greater levels of reading achievement.

·         Effective teachers of reading know that comprehension is enhanced by reflection and social interaction. Therefore, they provide their students with multiple opportunities to respond to their reading and interact with their peers through a variety of activities such as book clubs and discussions.

·         Increased vocabulary knowledge helps students understand what they read, and reading comprehension is enhanced when students understand the meaning of words. Thus there is a reciprocal benefit to independent reading of trade books — vocabulary growth and reading comprehension.

·         Effective teachers know the reading levels of their students and reading levels of the trade books in their classroom, so that they can match their students to texts that can be read with success, thus assisting their students to grow as reader


2. Plan Your Classroom Library.

  • Where will it be displayed   
  • Size of your reading area


3. Set-up & Organize Your Classroom Library for Success.

  • Use the related links at bottom of the page to print out labels to label buckets and books
  • The following links will help you to determine reading level and genres. If you are unable to find the genre at the following links, you can also type in names of book and the word genre for a web search.
  • Scholastic Book Wizard - type in book name, click on the book that appears and scroll down, the reading level and genre will be on left side. You can also try typing in author's name.
  • Guided Reading List - list of books by guided reading levels  
  • Hope Elementary Reading List - list of books with reading level, guided reading level, and fiction or non-fiction
  • Atom Reading Data Base - search for guided reading levels and reading level of books  
  • Check AR data base to see if any of your books are AR.


4. Teach With Your Library — Provide Structure and Guidance for Independent Reading.

It is the policy of the Glynn County School System not to discriminate on the basis of age, sex, race, color, religion, national origin, marital status, disability or any other legally protected status in its educational programs, activities or employment practices.

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